Blog 1


In developing my clairsentience, I became aware of how important my body is in that process, because what I feel, I feel in and with my body. How I feel with my body will become clearer further down in this writing.

The other important thing, is the realisation that when my clairsentience

is not there, it is not there because I don’t want it to be there. To be more clear, there is something there I don’t want to feel. In order to do that, I shift my awareness to something else, or I dull myself with something so that I can’t feel. There are many ways to dull myself. The most obvious is eating (or drinking) something. And truly, even in that I found that I choose with clairsentience the exact thing to eat that dulls my awareness in the particular field I choose to not be aware of. For instance, if I do not want to feel I am tired, I go for something sweet. It arouses my nervous system and I do not feel the tiredness anymore. The arousal in my nervous system prevents, due to the buzz it provides, an impossibility to feel more subtle things than that buzz. It reduces my ability to feel through the noise it makes.

Allowing myself to feel. Not wanting anything to be different than it is which means not having an idea or ideal about what is there before me or in me. So allowing to always feel everything that is here.

So building clairsentience is actually not a building of it, but an allowing it to be.

If there are unresolved things in me, conscious or not, that in some way take my attention away from what I want to focus on, they are a jammer, held somewhere in the body. It can be an unresolved issue that is triggered or some conflict that happened the same day I still carry. I am always able to sense this in my body. Either as a hardening in my digestive system, a jerky feeling in my lungs, a pulling feeling at the back of my head, etc.

So in becoming more clairsentient I ‘saw’ the importance of letting go of my issues and how important it is to truly complete things. If I do not complete something, it stays and pollutes my awareness. It stays as something that does not feel comfortable, so a need to push it away arises.

If a feeling in my body arises like a hardening in my digestive system, a jerky feeling in my lungs, a pulling feeling at the back of my head, etc, I give it the attention it needs. To clear myself , my body, I feel what is there and stay with it lovingly, with understanding, without judgement. The light of that focus and attention gives a broader perspective. That puts things in place so they dissolve and don’t jammer anymore.


Blog 2

Self Care.


I was feeling into the importance of self care and what came to me first was the word completion. Keep order in my life by completely finishing everything I do. To keep my mind clear this way, makes it possible to stay feeling what is in front of me and what quality of being I am in. It makes me aware about my inner chatter, is that supportive or destructive, is it about what I am doing or does it take me (my mind) somewhere else ? What am I letting in. Am I absorbing life rather than observing?

It also helps me to keep life simple. Complication comes in when there are to many things on my mind that are unfinished. They can become one skein where it becomes difficult to find the beginning or the overview.

My mind, if not ordered, is the distractor from staying with myself. With staying with myself I mean to stay aware of my body, keep body awareness alive and listen to what my body communicates. This is important. The signals my body gives are valuable, it never ‘lies’ because it (re)acts on what it/I feels without interpretation off the energy that is going through it. For that, I need to be still. Self care is very much about an ordered mind, so it does not blur my awareness.

From there, it helps to keep my house and workplace the same as my mind is.

In that way I can keep feeling what choices to make for instance what and how much food I need to eat, or not to eat.

When I have drifted away, self care strategies I go to are :


Asking my self, ‘ what is truly loving in this situation, now and here ?’

  1. How am I moving ? Is the way I move gentle or loving, or are my movements not that?
  2. What is the quality I am working with ? (Does it need a change?)
  3. Can it be more simple ?
  4. What choices led to this situation ? Is something left incomplete ?
  5. (suggestion) what needs to be completed? What cycle is there to be finished today?


Self care is in all I do. Special things to care for myself do assist this, like care for my body, the space I live and work in, etc. so they support the quality I live in.