Esoteric Healing (English)

Esoteric Healing example

Healing is to change the energy that caused the problem.


For instance: you are not angry. Anger enters your body if you allow it to do so.

You cannot think with out energy being there first.

We like tot think we think. But before we think, there is an energy that makes us think. The type of energy we choose to tune into determents the quality of the thoughts we will have. Determines the frame in which we are going to think there after.

When you are caught up in thoughts, the last thing we think about is changing the energy we are in, because our thoughts grab us. They are feeding us.

If you change your energy you will change your thoughts.

Sometimes, when a pattern (of anger in this example) is familiar to us and comfortable because it makes us not feel the pain (about a situation). We actually use it to dull our awareness away from feeling that pain, we feel comfortable with anger, it becomes a normal. Than it will become more difficult to let go of it.

Anger after a certain amount of time when anger is held on to by us, will effect the body. It hardens, we may get liver conditions.

The esoteric means ‘your essence’ your inner-most. In there you are light and that light is love. In there, there are no emotions. If there are no emotions there is no need.

Dedication and connection to your inner-most will make us aware of the love within us. At the same time we will get sensitive, aware, of what is not that. What is in the way. Healing is taking away what is in the way, letting that go. First by seeing it is not bringing any true good than by seeing what it does bring, In our example the first masking of the pain underneath and second, the pain itself. It does take acceptance of us to see we have made the choice for the emotion to be there. That is possible when we love ourselves.

Esoteric healing facilitates that process.


Healing and self-love

Before we can heal we have to be self-loving and honest about what is truly there in our life. If we want relieve of symptoms, healing is not working. To get to the cause of why we are the way we are we have to be open to feel that, feel the emotion, energy that caused us to be that way. That can be done if we love ourselves.

Our inner-most is never touched, polluted by anything we have gone through. It stays clear. If we connect to it we feel it is bigger than any hurt. That is how we can heal. Reconnect to our inner-heart, the love that we are, and form there feel the hurt for what it is, a hurt and not us.